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how can I schedule your service?
 You can fill out the contact us form, it is the fastest way to contact us, or you can give us a call, or you can send us an email. 
To schedule an appointment we require the minimum charge to be paid in full up front. For hourly services at least four hours are required.

what are your service hours and area?
 Our service hour may vary depending on the project, however we try to keep our work schedule to Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 5:00PM, our service area are King County

how careful are you while working at my property?
 While we are handling your project to make sure that your home is kept as protected and clean, we place drop cloths on the floor we walk and where we are working to ensure your floors are protected, if cutting, sanding or any dusting will be created inside your property we cover the floors with heavy duty plastic on top of the drop cloths and the furniture, decorations with painters plastic and tape. Finally, when the project is complete we clean out everything, vacuum and dust to make sure the work area is clean and back to normal.

who provides the materials for my project?
 We will be glad to provide all materials at your expenses, however if you will be providing any materials yourself we ask for those to be present at the time of the service and for those to be in working condition.

what services you provide?
 Handyman, Interior & Exterior Painting, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel, Finish Carpentry Installation, Window & Door Installation and more.

are you licensed, bonded and insured?
 Yes we are. Not only we have liability coverage for your protection, but we are also bonded. Insurance validation certificates are available for your peace of mind upon request.

what if something gets broken?
 We realize that the nature of our services require our service technicians to touch some of your personal items in your property to move those out of their way or away from the work area. And although we are very careful when we move your items, If any damage/loss occurs, simply notify us within 24 hours of the service and we will be glad to pay for any damaged - loss item. 

should I be home when they are doing the work?
 You are welcome to be home while we are doing the work, or if you prefer you can leave our technicians alone. Our staff aren't hindered by your presence and they aren't uncomfortable working alone either. This decision is entirely up to you and is whatever you are comfortable with. Some homeowners prefer to be home to meet their service staff and answer any questions they may have. 

If I decide not to be there when they arrive should I leave a key each time or give one to the company?
 This is another area of service that is entirely up to you. It is your home, we are gaining access to your property, so it is whichever method you prefer. If you choose to leave a key out for us hidden somewhere, please leave the key in an easy place for our service technicians to access it, but not so obvious that anyone walking by could figure out where you have placed it. If you choose to give us a key it will be kept by your team leader during the service time.

will I always have the same service person?
 We make every effort to send the same staff members each time. Occasionally there might be a change in the staff members due to illness, day off, vacation or they may no longer work for us. Therefore, it is not possible for us to guarantee the same individuals for each service. In the event of such an occurrence we will find the best replacement to fit your needs. This is one of the reasons we like feedback. Not only do we need to know how our staff member is/are doing, but what your specific needs are. We provide an extensive training program to each of our service technician to ensure consistent techniques. 

are your staff members trained and supervised?
 Yes, every services technician that is hired attends a lengthy and thorough orientation. After orientation, the individual is placed with a trainer for a period of time. Once the new staff member has passed through training with a trainer and has received no negative reports about the new technician, they are then placed with a leader supervisor and/or by themselves. We employ field supervisors who visit every project daily, to make sure that the client's needs are being met and that the our service technician is performing Above and Beyond. 

how do I pay for your services?
 We gladly accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, cash, or personal check made payable to us. Payment is due at the time of service. For your convenience we ask a credit card number to be left on file with our office to use to schedule our services and or in the event you should forget to leave your payment at the time of the service. Please be aware of a $75.00 fee is applied to each returned checks. If you use a credit card, your account will be charged the balance due for our services, after each service. 

what is the cost of my service?
 Since we offer services on hourly and fixed rates, fees are based on the location, condition, size and time for the work required. When you receive the initial estimate, it is just that — an estimate. Since a lot of the times for hourly rate, we are able to give you hourly estimates over the phone or by e-mail based on the information you provide to us over the phone or e-mail without inspecting the actual condition of the job site "work required", when we arrive to your property we re-estimate the actual condition of the "work required", once our staff member enter your property to perform the work for the estimated time, he/she should have a better sense of exactly how long and what the service should take. As soon as they become aware of any discrepancy between the estimate and actual time needed, your service technician immediately will let you know and contact his/her supervisor/manager who will try to contact you as well to discuss any changes needed. Every time you contact us, we do our to best to estimate the work, however sometimes it is hard to be accurate over the phone or by email, so it is up to our service technician to review the scope work and to make sure we can complete the work within the original estimated time, If our service technician consider that our estimate requires additional time, materials and any additional, If this is the case, our services technician will let you know and he/she will also let his/her supervisor know too, and if after talking to our services technician you still have any concerns or questions that our service technician can't answer for you, we encourage you to contact us and your phone call will be addressed by a member of our management staff.

should I tip for your services?
 If you are pleased with the work done in your property we encourage you to show your appreciation to your service member team. Although it is not required, a gratuity is a powerful way say "I appreciate your work." Even a note from you, simply saying "Thanks for a job done" means a great deal. 

what is the cancellation policy?
 If it is necessary to cancel your service, we asks that you contact us in writing (email) at least a 24 hours before the service day. If we are notified the day of the service then you will charged with half of the price of your scheduled service for the day. Future scheduled work will remain unchanged. Please be sure to submit in writing any cancellation. Please inform our office staff in writing of any changes to your schedule. Any changes to your contract including rescheduling must be done directly with the management of our office. 

how do I provide feedback on my service?
 Since our work is a very personalized service, we wish that you would call or email our office the day after so we may gain knowledge as to your needs, wants, and concerns. This feedback is essential to serve you better, to correct any problems, and to praise our staff member, who meet and exceed our expectations. 

can I hire one of your staff member independently?
By hiring us for your services, we ask that you just do that, use our licensed, bonded and insured services.  If you do wish to employ any of our staff member on an independent basis, please be aware that any work they perform outside the contract with us, it will not be covered under our policy and may lead to employee termination, and a $500.00 referral fee will be billed to you. This fee applies to both current employees or employees that had been employed with us within the last year. 

what if my service was not satisfactory to me?
There may be times when you are not satisfied with your service. Maybe you just feel that something was missed. In this case, we ask you to contact our office and we will have the problem fixed ASAP. 

​• What to expect
Our services are provided on time and materials basis or flat rates for more information about flat rates call us 425-254-0000

The process of doing any type of improvement goes smoothly when you work with us because we will ensure you order the right material, the proper size to fit and operate flawlessly. We also help you order the right styles to match the overall design of your home we will help you avoid common mistakes and we will do all the work for a reasonable rate.

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