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AS General Contractor, LLC. 425-254-0000

AS General Contractor LLC - WA License No. ASGENGC862C1 - Phone 425-254-0000
Centrally located in the Eastside of King County to help you with all of your residential improvements.
We do the work right the first time and when we order materials for you, we order the right materials, properly sized to fit and operate flawlessly for your project.  We offer both "Time & Materials" pricing for smaller projects as well as "Fixed Bid" estimates on larger projects. We guarantee all of our work and provide quality services, we understand the importance of your project.

Handyman Services: On Time & Materials - please contact us to check our availability!
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 12:00PM & 1:00PM to 5:00PM
Service Area: up to 15 miles away from Bellevue WA 98005 .

Finish Carpentry & Cabinet Installation - We install casing, trim, baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, and more. We install all type of cabinets - including IKEA cabinets.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel - We can make your dream kitchen come through - on time and as estimated. We make every kitchen & bathroom look and feel like new.

Window & Door Installation - We install top quality windows and doors, solid core or hallow core door we do it all.

Sheetrock Repairs - We do drywall repairs & texture.

Painting - Great look and long lasting quality, defined lines, professional preparation and covering.
Exterior Painting: we paint all type of siding and trim, we only use top quality paint, we do the right preparation from pressure washing, proper preparation and repairs like scraping, primer application a two coats of paint.
Interior Painting: We make sure everything gets covered proper preparation with lots of painters tape, plastic and drop clothes before we even start patching nail holes, and we apply two full coats of top quality paint to assure many years of long lasting paint.
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How to contact us for services 
Contact us by filling out the contact us form of this website, by email at or by phone 425-254-0000.

We offer reliable and affordable services
We pride ourselves specializing in all home improvements and preventive maintenance. Give us your project and we will take care of it. 
Let us take the pressure off of you. We will complete your project on time as schedule, at the right price with great quality workmanship. From changing light bulbs to remodeling any room of your home, you can rest assured that we will be there with you every step of the way. Our experienced craftsmen are skilled professionals who have made home repairs and home remodeling their career. We do all of the usual jobs, such as handyman, painting and remodel but we also have done some unusual jobs like faucets or toilets problems.

Minimum Service on Time & Materials
$120 materials not included for up to one hour of service(Subject to availability) 
Emergency handyman service call
We don't do Emergency Calls, however if your project is urgent please contact us, as we may be available. All work must be scheduled at least one week in advance.
We are here to help you.
Finding time for home owners to do repairs projects can be rough, feel free to call us for a professional service at a reasonable price...

Our approach
We have a different approach, we do not believe in inflating our prices in order for us to offer to you unrealistic discounts. We believe in giving you a honest pricing to be able to do the job correctly the first time we quote a project. You will not get an inflated bid only to have it cut by hundreds or thousands of dollars if you sign an agreement by a made up expiration date. We are here to guide you in making and educated decision with the assistance of our years of knowledge and experience in the home improvement industry and not to pressure you to make a purchasing decision on the spot.

Note: Electrical and Plumbing work will be subcontracted to a licensed, bonded and insured professional electrician or plumber. We are LEAD RRP certified and MOLD remediation certified, this is for the safety and health of your family and ours.

Payments: We take Credit Cards as payment. A credit card is necessary to schedule an appointment with us. When the work is complete, the card on file will be billed for the full invoice amount. If, at the completion of your project, you choose to pay the invoice using cash, check please let us know.
Cancellation: Service calls that are cancelled without 48 hours previous notice are subject to $60 cancellation fee.
Hourly Service Estimate: When you contact us, please provide to us a description of your project, please be as specific as possible, if it is an small repair or maintenance we try to estimate to the best of our knowledge the time it could take to complete the work and with the information you provided, If we have enough information we schedule your project or if we don't have enough information we can schedule a pre-paid consultation.
Consultation Fee: It is $60 hourly, If we can't estimate your project with the information provided by you we will be glad to schedule a pre-paid on site consultation, during or after the consultation we will provide you a free written estimate, when we do the work for you, the pre-paid amount for the consultation will be credited in full as part of payment for the work we do.
Scheduled Work Time: To get the most out of your scheduled time, please make a priority list, if you have various projects, please make sure to tell us in advance what we should complete first and please have all materials ready on site. 
Extra Time: If more time than the scheduled time is needed, it needs to be scheduled by email or by phone. 
Emergency Call: We don't do emergency calls
Hardware Store Runs and Materials: if we need to get any materials please let us know in advance and we will be glad to help you.
Keep in mind we can't carry all materials needed for your specific project needs. If, we need to go to a hardware store to get any material, the time used going back and forth is billable a $60 per hour plus the cost of materials however we make every attempt to have as many miscellaneous materials as possible with us.
Some of the basic information about our services:
Tools: Every technician we send to you is equipped with all the tools needed to complete the work and we carry small miscellaneous materials like screws, nails and others but we don't carry specific materials that will fit the specific need of your project.
Materials: $25 dollars minimum charge for any materials including nails, screws, caulk or any other small miscellaneous materials.
Dump Fee: $30 is our minimum charge, one bag of trash dump fee is $25 dollars 
Note: Electrical and plumbing work will be subcontracted to a licensed, bonded and insured professional electrician or plumber. 
Lead: We are LEAD RRP certified and MOLD remediation certified, this is for the safety and health of your family and ours.
Covering Fee: $30 minimum charge to cover your floors, furniture or any items in the work area to protect them from dust or paint.
Warranty: We do offer a limited time warranty for our work, all we ask you let us know as soon as possible if there is anything wrong and we will be glad to fix it.
Our Guarantee​: We can guarantee that when you work with us; We will make sure your project will be done the right way and to your satisfaction. We stand behind all of our work.

For more information please feel free to contact us 425-254-0000
Please fill out the contact us form and please let us know how can we help you.