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Basic remodel starting at $140 Sq. Ft. is your bathroom or kitchen outdated? is it full of old, dingy and chipped floors, cabinets, doors, counter tops, cracked or damaged fixtures, damaged walls? If your current bathroom or kitchen isn't serving your functional or aesthetic needs, it's time to consider investing in you property. Remodel starting at $140 Sq. Ft. when other contractors ask for $15,000.00 we know we can do it for $10,000.00 and we keep long lasting quality over profit results in mind. 
Now that you know our price for remodel what are you waiting for? Completion Time bathrooms 4 weeks max and kitchen 6 - 8 weeks max. we can help you, we keep your property clean and safe while we work carefully all around your property, from the moment we arrive until we finish unlike other contractors quality is our goal.
•Interior single pre hung door installation $30 each and up
•Interior double pre hung door installation (French Door) $100 each and up
•Exterior single pre hung door installation $150 each and up
•Exterior sliding glass door installation $350 each and up 
•Exterior double pre hung door installation (French Door) $350 each and up 
•New Window installation $120 each and up
•Replacement Window installation $180 each and up.
•Door & Window trim $1.75 and up per lin. ft.
•Baseboard $1.75 and up per lin. ft. 
•Crown molding $2.75 and up per lin. ft. 
Don't see what you are looking for, not a problem call us, we are here to help.
•Cabinet installation $30 and up each
•Hourly cabinet work is $60 and up
•Door painting $90 each
•Window & Door trim painting $3.50 lin. ft. and up
•Baseboards painting $3.50 lin. ft. and up
•Crown molding painting $4.75 lin. ft. and up
•Cabinets painting $40.00 Sq. ft. and up
•Interior Walls Painting $1.25 each room and up
•Interior Ceiling Painting $1.35 Sq. Ft. and up
•Exterior Painting of siding $1.50 Sq. Ft. and up
•Exterior Painting of trim $2.50 Ln. Ft. and up
Framing & Siding available on flat rate basis
•We built decks, stairs and railing for decks  on flat rate basis
•New Sheetrock Installation on flat rate basis
•Ceramic, Tile, Natural Stone, etc. Installation for floor from $3.00 & walls $5.00 Sq. Ft.
•Pre-finish hardwood floor installation $3.75 and up Sq. Ft.
​•Plumbing & Electrical services are provided on flat rate basis
Regular hourly remodel rate: $60 per tech. 
Regular hourly handyman rate: $60 hourly. 
$140 minimum daily each tech for up to 4 hour
Note: You must schedule with two weeks in advance to get hourly rate discount. 
After a written estimate is presented to you. If, you would like to hire us, you must schedule in advance at least 2 weeks, you must pay 50% or full Work Order / Estimate upfront before we do any work. Payment forms we take are: Cash, Checks and Credit Cards.
Materials: not included within hourly rate. If, we are providing any or all materials and it's delivery to your project, the cost of those must be paid in full when we present you the bill. 
Terms & Conditions: Before we do any work and you must have a written Estimate / Work Order signed by you and me/us to start the work as scheduled
Payment: If, you haven't prepaid at least 50% of the full WORK ORDER / ESTIMATE to schedule with us at least a week in advance, Final or Progress Payment: It will be agreed on case by case type of project and set on written.  
Contact Us 425-254-0000: We will be glad to schedule an appointment and to meet with you., to schedule a free on site estimate / consultation. We are available 7 days a week for estimates 
Completion Time: We will give you a date and time of when we will be done with your project  and it is then when we do a walkthrough and ask you to pay for the remaining balance of your work. 
Weekend work: If, for any reason we need to work on your project on Saturday or Sunday to speed up your project, we will be glad to do so as long as your detailed request is submitted in advance and it is approved by us. 
Trash Removal: We try to remove all debris and trash of the work we do. If, agreed we leave your property as clean as when we arrive or in better condition but we don't always remove the trash.
Your Right: When you hire us, you have the right to get the work you have hire us to do done right the first time and on time, we also give you two years warranty for any work we do when specified within your work order, for the warranty to apply you must have paid the Estimate / Work Order amount in full. 
Our Right: There has never been a claim against us with the State or Labor & Industries and we would like to keep it that way, we reserve the right to say no to people trying to get work done for free or for non sense.


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