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AS General Contractor LLC 425-254-0000

AS General Contractor LLC - WA State License No. ASGENGC862C1 - Phone No. 425-254-0000

Services: Handyman - House Remodel - House Painting
Contact Info: it is best if you contact us through this site forms
Service Area: Bellevue and surrounding areas.
Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Payments: we take cash, checks, credit or debit card and Paypal

We specialize in house improvements with consistent quality work, we promise to treat you, your home and your neighborhood with respect, we work hard to meet our deadlines, commitments and top quality standard with open and clear communication, planning, skills, right tools and years of experience.

Our minimum service rate is $160 and includes up to two hours of handyman service. Rate is $80 per hour thereafter. A credit or debit card is necessary to schedule an appointment. We charge your card when we schedule appointment for the time purchased and when the work is complete the card on file will be billed for the invoice balance (in case additional time was required to complete the work and materials were provided) Service cancelled without 48 hours previous notice are subject to $80 cancellation fee. Our on site estimate consultation rate is $80 hourly, the amount you pay to schedule for the estimate will be credited to your work.
​We want to be available to answer your questions, to schedule your appointment and to do the work as soon as possible after you schedule online through our scheduling form in the lower part of this page.

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Schedule your onsite estimate service consultation with the form below, use the Redeem Coupon button and code halfprice
• Estimate appointment can be scheduled using the form below, you will pay $20 to schedule the appointment and when we meet you for the estimate appointment we will credit you $20 back   
Scheduled Service
• Appointments are scheduled based on Our understanding of the Customer-provided project description. Upon arrival of the Handyman, the service technician will fully assess the project scope and should the scope of work vary greatly from the Customer’s provided description, the change of scope will be discussed with the Customer for approval prior to commencing any work. At minimum, regardless of whether the Customer accepts the change of scope of work, there will be a $80.00 charge for reviewing the project scope with the Customer.
• Materials to be provided by the Customer at their own expense; however, Handyman does not warranty any Customer-supplied materials. If the Customer elects to provide material(s), the Customer will be responsible for providing appropriate/accurate materials specific to the job.
• Materials supplied by Handyman will contain a 10% markup and sales tax. Parts/Material invoice to be reviewed upon completion will show itemized materials purchased, charges and sales tax if applicable. There will be an additional delivery fee if the Handyman cannot bring them to the job site due to the size, weight and/or quantity. Handyman does not assume responsibility or liability for any damage or loss in any way related to Handyman’s alleged failure to obtain parts in a timely manner. Time to search, purchase and to get materials from store will be billed at $80 hourly and is not included in the estimated time and materials given to you to complete the work.
• Our warranty extends to labor only. From the date of project completion, Our workmanship is under warranty for a 12 month period and repairs/modifications to existing workmanship are under warranty for a 30 day period. Our warranty excludes normal defects defined as natural imperfections or wear and tear.
• If we don't do any work for you because of we don't have what is needed or can't complete your work, we will refund you the amount you paid in full, e.g. a client called me to fix something but we thought it was out of our reach, we told him who to call and gave him a full refund.
• About me
Hello my name is Wilmer Garcia I am in business to help people with their handyman, remodel, house painting and home improvements and to support my family with honest work. If you have any question please contact me I will be glad to answer your question 425-254-0000 or by email